Technology has revolutionized the way modern travelers experience the world. Today, globetrotters can fly from one continent to another in mere hours, book every reservation with a few mouse clicks, and keep their loved ones up to date on their journey all along the way.

Inspirato Members are no strangers to traveling connected – they have easy access to expert service and a robust community of like-minded travelers at their fingertips. Of course, there are certain aspects of the vacation experience that Inspirato can’t control, but our team of dedicated travel enthusiasts know the best ways to make it better. Check out six of our favorite apps that help relieve some common travel road bumps, from knowing what to pack to communicating in a different language.

1. PackPoint

This handy app simplifies one of the most difficult parts of travel: packing. Enter your destination, length of stay, and what you’ll be doing on vacation, and PackPoint will compile a detailed, custom packing list based on your needs. It even cross-references your travel dates with the destination’s weather forecast so you can fill your suitcase with just the right gear.

2. iTranslate

No need to cram some Catalan lessons in before that trip to Barcelona. iTranslate offers translation assistance for more than 90 languages. Speak into your phone and the app translates your words into text in another language, so you can easily show it to a local who can then respond in the same way.

3. XE Currency

Don’t let the complicated web of currency exchange rates spoil a hard-earned vacation shopping spree. Stay up to date on the latest exchange rates with XE Currency app. Easily calculate conversion rates with real-time data for just about every foreign currency on the globe. The app also lets users set alerts for rates they want to track and store updates for offline access.

4. Lounge Buddy

Stuck in the airport on an unexpected layover? Don’t camp out with the grumpy masses. Log in to Lounge Buddy and, for a small fee, get immediate access to a cozy airport lounge tucked away from the crowds. Amenities vary by lounge, but may include crucial travel perks such as food, drinks, showers, power outlets, and more. Lounge Buddy offers access in more than 190 major airports all over the world, as far-reaching as Sydney, London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and 21 locations across the United States.

5. Weatherbug

Weather can make or break a vacation. And while it’s beyond our control, travelers can at least get a good idea of what the forecast will be by using Weatherbug, one of the most advanced forecast apps out there. The app’s extensive network of tools offers reliable forecasts for destinations around the globe, so travelers can easily know if they should pack sunscreen or an umbrella.

6. Inspirato

The Inspirato app for iOS lets users take the Inspirato web experience on the go. Browse our portfolio of destinations, find the right accommodations, and book a vacation – all with the touch of a few buttons. Sign up for notifications to immediately find out when our weekly Jaunt deals go live and see new properties as soon as they’re released. For members with vacations already booked, all reservation information is conveniently stored for easy access, and they can quickly connect with their Member Services team with a simple tap.


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